Case Study: SPCA

Encourage adoption rate through understanding yourself & the pet.

Project Year March 2019
Area of Work
  • UI/UX

In the workshop "More is Less", we explored a variety of social issues raised by the organiser. One of the challenge is to rethink how the adoption process and the amount of strays in Singapore can be reduced. Our team bring in the opportunity to look into the organisation, SPCA, to improve their adoption process.
Our solution dives into the insight of "having a pet because it is cute" to break the barrier. We idealise that SPCA can provide adoption by understanding the nature of the pets without looking at the features. It's kind of a like a blind date!

This project is conducted by AANDC Studio as part of the Singapore Design Week 2019 programme.


No specific role as this is a 3hr design workshop.

Project Team:
  • Chen Zhi Liang
  • Quinn Chew
  • Shermin Ng
  • James

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