Typelingual Showcase

Bringing bilingual design closer to the public and reaching out to business owners.

Project Year 3 weeks, April 2019
Area of Work
  • Exhibition Design
  • Logotype Design

In collaboration with Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, I was given the opportunity to host the content from "Typelingual" at the given space. It is also part of the largest Chinese festival programme set for the annual Chinese Cultural Extravangaza 2019. Facing a new set of target audience, new content and exisiting content have to be modified to fit into the general audience. The space given adds on to the challenges.

The Typelingual Showcase was executed from the planning to execution in a short 3 weeks. This is an opportunity to bring bilingual design to a bigger group of audience.


Pitching for the space design. Logistics planning. Art direction and designing of collaterals. Building of panels.

Thank you for taking interest with this project.
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