Three One Duo

Crafting a community through a fashion-led online retailer

Project Year 2019
Area of Work
  • Branding
  • Strategy & Marketing
  • UI/UX
  • Social Media Content

In a midst of a variety of blogshops in Singapore, how does a new brand make a stand in this market? Three One Duo needed help to craft a brand that relates closely to their intended customers, the Gen-Zs. Starting as a new brand, I have the opportunity to develop strategies and craft graphics alongside the founder.


Developed and strategise the brand for the newly formed online retailer, Three One Duo. Develop graphics for necessary ads and collection launch. Handles the marketing and business strategy.

The Story of Three One Duo

"At some point in our lives, we find ourselves struggling with expectations and judgements from other people. We want to fill your wardrobe with confidence and encourage you to be bold to chase your dreams."

Three One Duo is not just about selling clothes but also about building a community. It is a brand build to acknowledge the imperfects of everyone and a brand that grows together with their audience. Read the story here.

Multiple logo variations were created. The chosen logotype with the two underscores was a representation of the relationship between the brand and the customers. With the approach, the colour choice of the brand was set to be less feminine as the clothes set to be launch are less about that.

The brand was also given a quirky characteristics and was applied through the various brand materials.


Art Direction

The nature of the industry have a weekly launch of new clothes and each launch require a specific creative direction.

To maintain an identifiable brand, we draw focus on the way how the photography should be taken. It should be studio set and with/without props. The strong colour contrast against the clothes will be consistent through every new launch.

Supplementary Graphics & Social Media Content

As a new startup, we explore a variety of graphic options to identify the audience's interests. Electronic direct mailers were sent out on each new launch. Likewise, social media post were created for daily updates. With the Gen-Z audiences, the graphics created have to be more vibrant and energetic, representing the youths and young adults.

The Online Experience

At this complexed digital age, the online shopping experience have to be simplified for the consumers. User experience become a concerned for digital shopping. Considerations were given to the interactions with colours, the use of microcopy and the search functionality. View the functional website here.

Colour selection with tooltip to guide users.

Microcopy can make interactions more livelier.

This project is my first experience with crafting a brand from the beginning. It contains a lot of trial and errors but the result is worthwhile at the end. The brand is now live and can be visited at Three One Duo.